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STEM Preschool introduces STEM Preschool Learning curriculum. This integrated STEM Preschool Curriculum will take children, parents and teachers on an educational joy ride that will inspire a love for STEM throughout their entire lives. Bi-weekly STEM themed lesson plans, ranging from the life cycle of water to robotics are tailored for children ages 1-5.

Integration: The Unification Of All Subjects And Experiences.

Integrated Lesson Plan

  • Students can revisit the lesson many times throughout the day.

  • Students show higher signs of retention.

  • Students are actively engaged.

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One-Dimensional Lesson Plan

  • Subjects are taught in isolation.

  • Creates a disconnect of the lesson to varied subjects.

  • Does not allow for a real world connection.

How To Order Our STEM Curriculum

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Choose your curriculum age group and theme.

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Tell us about your classroom or number of children.

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Review your payment option.

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Download your curriculum and print the lesson plans.

What Makes The STEM Preschool Learning Curriculum Better?

The educational experience a child has with an integrated STEM curriculum is engaging, fun, and interactive to ensure students are learning and understanding lessons completely while fostering cognitive development and social emotional skills. Our program has been written by team of experienced STEM educators that have years of experience working with young children.

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Preschool Curriculum Appropriate For Any Stage Of Development

Our STEM Preschool curriculum benefits children ages 1-5. All our programs can be adapted and used at school or home. These weekly lesson plans will ensure students are engaged and learning to the best of their ability based on their brain development stages; sensorimotor and pre-operational stage.

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