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Assessments With STEM Preschool Learning

Assessments are necessary to ensure children are being supported in both learning and development. Our Early childhood assessment is a tool used to gather and provide educators, parents, and families with critical information about a child’s development and growth.

What Are The Different Child Assessment Methods?

Methods of assessing students can be informal (conducting natural observations, collecting data and children’s work for portfolios, using educator and teacher ratings) and formal. Both methods are effective and can help inform educators and parents about a child’s progress.

Tips on assessing and tracking student’s growth!


Test students' prior and current knowledge:

Always ask questions about what you're teaching to ensure students are comprehending the information. Informal assessments are just as effective as formal assessments.


Create a student portfolio

Student portfolios should contain a wide variety of student work completed over a period of time. They offer an inside authentic look at a child’s ability and progress.


Parent-Teacher Conferences

Use our early childhood progress reports to help guide your parent-teacher conferences. Our progress reports cover the following topics

Social and Emotional Development | Student Work Habits | Fine and Gross Motor Skills | Self-Reliance Skills | School Readiness | Cognitive Development | Language Skills | Language Arts/Reading Readiness | Math and Science Readiness

It is recommended to complete formal assessments at least once a semester.

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