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Lesson Plans Tailored for Children 1-2 Years Old

STEM Preschool Learning curriculum will guide you through a detailed 2 week lesson plan of engaging and educational activities. These lesson plans include weekly STEM, reading & writing, history, arts & crafts, and music activities that are integrated into a bi-weekly theme.

Price per lesson plan - $9.99

Once purchased, you can download the lesson plan and activities as a PDF file. 


Lesson plans include:

  • An electronic copy of 1 bi-weekly STEM themed lesson plans

  • Activity printouts

  • Songs

  • Step by step teaching guide

  • Spanish and English Vocabulary words

  • Recommended books 

STEM Lesson Plan Themes

-The Water Cycle/Introduction to Water

-Land and Ocean Animals

-Insects and Spiders

-Dinosaurs and Reptiles

-The Human Body


-Building and Construction

-The Solar System

-Seasons and Weather

-States of Matter

-Chemical and Physical Reactions

-Computer Programing and Technology

-Agriculture and Food Production

-Plants and Life Cycle of Plants


-Occupations and STEM Careers


*We hope you and your student's knowledge and love for STEM grows through our curriculum. All purchases are final. However, let us know if you are not satisfied and the next revision of your purchased lesson plan theme is on us.  

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