Lesson Plans Tailored for Children 1-2 Years Old

STEM Preschool Learning curriculum will guide you through a detailed 2 week lesson plan of engaging and educational activities. These lesson plans include weekly STEM, reading & writing, history, arts & crafts, and music activities that are integrated into a bi-weekly theme.

Price per lesson plan - $9.99

Once purchased, you can download the lesson plan and activities as a PDF file. 


Lesson plans include:

  • An electronic copy of 1 bi-weekly STEM themed lesson plans

  • Activity printouts

  • Songs

  • Step by step teaching guide

  • Spanish and English Vocabulary words

  • Recommended books 

STEM Lesson Plan Themes

-The Water Cycle/Introduction to Water

-Land and Ocean Animals

-Insects and Spiders

-Dinosaurs and Reptiles

-The Human Body


-Building and Construction

-The Solar System

-Seasons and Weather

-States of Matter

-Chemical and Physical Reactions

-Computer Programing and Technology

-Agriculture and Food Production

-Plants and Life Cycle of Plants


-Occupations and STEM Careers